Our mission: helping America’s largest companies pay the least amount of tax.

Ashland, one of the nation’s most successful tax recovery firms, can recover more money in less time than any other firm in the industry. Our on-site review with a team of Single State Specialists will identify the issues and quantify the tax savings in only four days. 

The Ashland Difference

Our depth of experience is what sets us apart. For almost 30 years, we have utilized out-of-the-box thinking to deliver great results.

  • Our expert team includes senior-level state tax personnel averaging more than 30 years with the state revenue departments.

  • Each Single State Specialist or specialist team have spent their entire career focusing only on one state—the state in which they served as a senior auditor for many years. 

  • Our team doesn’t simply bring you one issue or come in with a checklist of issues. We review your unique company filings to identify favorable positions and issues that will be of the most benefit.

We offer creative and innovative solutions, many of which are not known to corporate tax personnel, accounting firms, or other tax advisors. With years of Revenue Department experience in their respective state, each senior consultant for Ashland possesses an in-depth working knowledge of their state’s internal procedures, allowable positions, and private settlements—and the connections they maintain as alumni serve to greatly benefit our clients.

We deliver real results—true tax reductions in the form of cash refunds or offsets to audit assessments, not projected benefits sometime in the future. 99% of the issues we present are approved, generally at the audit level.

The result? We recover 5 times more money than the Big Four.

"They found issues...that quite frankly we would have never uncovered, issues that only someone with the specific knowledge of that state would have been able to recognize."

Rob Tuinstra, Manager – State & Local Tax, DuPont

Ashland Group has helped hundreds of Fortune 500 companies recover millions. Contact us today to discover how much money you’re leaving behind.

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