Meet Dan Fultz, Illinois Single State Specialist

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Founder and Managing Principal

Dan Fultz
Illinois Specialist

With more than 30 years of experience at the Illinois Department of Revenue, Dan Fultz is considered an expert in the unitary filing method. As Senior Revenue Auditor, Dan examined the records of many multinational corporations to determine correct state income tax liability. These in-depth audits included transportation, insurance and financial organizations, as well as typical three factor corporations. In one case, rather than assess additional taxes, Dan assisted a large Illinois taxpayer in recovering over $5 million dollars in overpaid income taxes.

A cutting-edge innovator, Dan programmed the first complete corporate income tax audit package for personal computers. Years later, he supervised a team of eight auditors to enhance and expand his original program, which is still in use by state auditors today. Additionally, Dan was a member of CITPAC (Corporate Income Tax Program Advisory Committee) for computer applications for field use.

Recognized by the DOR as one of their top three tax auditors, Dan is an expert in specialized taxpayers (i.e., insurance companies, transportation companies and financial organizations), auditing unitary filers and foreign sales companies (FSC) in unitary groups.

Dan was involved in writing regulations for the inclusion of passive income in the receipts factor, the combining of unitary members with different accounting periods and the treatment of excess addition modifications in loss situations.

Teaching has always been a major part of Dan’s career. He has taught advanced auditing classes for all Illinois income tax auditors; he has taught unitary taxation and combined filing rules; and he trained all new income tax auditors (1976 – 1986), field-trained individual auditors in mentor situations and trained field auditors in the use of computers. In addition, Dan taught specific auditing classes, including IRS Section 482 type reallocations, FSC treatment and specialized taxpayers. When the Illinois Supreme Court approved the unitary apportionment method, Dan was chosen to prepare the training material and teach all corporate auditors the unitary apportionment concept and auditing techniques.

Dan has spoken at the Northern Illinois University annual State Tax Seminar and has been a regular guest on a radio talk-show program that allows listeners to call in with state tax questions.

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