Meet Jeff Thompson, Principal and Single State Specialist Team Leader

Because of the depth of experience of our on-site review team members and our streamlined processes, we can identify millions of dollars of potential tax recoveries for most of our clients in only four days. That is unique in the tax industry.

Founder and Managing Principal

Jeff Thompson
Jeff Thompson
Principal & State Team Leader

Personally responsible for identifying and helping our clients obtain numerous multi-million dollar refunds, Jeff brings an energetic, real-world perspective to his role with Ashland.

A member of the firm for 22 years, Jeff joined Ashland as an Auditor, progressing to Consultant and Senior Consultant before becoming Principal of the firm. In his current capacity, Jeff is the Leader of the State Tax Technical Team and manages all the current major consulting projects.

Jeff has managed major consulting projects for Coca-Cola, Nissan, Time Warner, General Electric, Humana, and DuPont, among others. Additionally, because of his expertise in the banking and financial services industry, Jeff has managed sizable projects for some of the firm’s largest financial industry clients, including American Express, Wells Fargo, Comerica, and USAA.

Jeff is also considered by many within the tax industry to be one of the most knowledgeable experts in the Texas franchise (margin) tax. He performs audits for multistate corporations and other business entities to determine tax compliance, searching for potential issues to be developed.

Jeff’s in-depth knowledge of Texas tax statutes and their application across a variety of situations, combined with his 22 years of experience helping corporations with State of Texas audits and auditors, enables him to construct effective issues for Ashland’s clients.

As the Leader of the State Tax Technical Team, Jeff delegates team-member responsibilities to facilitate the completion of audits within time and budgetary constraints, trains and evaluates new team members, and serves as the primary client contact.

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