Meet Jim Finelli, Massachusetts Single State Specialist

Because of the depth of experience of our on-site review team members and our streamlined processes, we can identify millions of dollars of potential tax recoveries for most of our clients in only four days. That is unique in the tax industry.

Founder and Managing Principal

Jim Finelli
Massachusetts Specialist

Jim Finelli is highly respected for his knowledge and wealth of experience regarding state taxes in Massachusetts. For more than 35 years, his career has been focused on working with Fortune 100 companies in the manufacturing, service, insurance, and retail industries. Much of that time was with the Massachusetts Department of Revenue as a Corporate Excise Tax Auditor.


A senior tax professional with extensive experience in federal and state tax compliance and related research, Jim has a solid accounting background and expertise of federal and state income tax rules and regulations along with a proven record of identifying tax issues and tax savings opportunities in Massachusetts. Jim’s analytical approach, along with his excellent written and oral communication skills, has helped him identify millions of dollars in corporate tax deficiencies and refunds.


While Jim was a senior auditor at the Massachusetts Department of Revenue, because of his level of expertise, Jim was assigned the audits of the largest taxpayers, many of which were based in the New York City and surrounding areas. Jim has also had the opportunity to work in four field audit offices around the country and was recognized as one of the top field auditors, often mentoring new field agents.


Jim’s experience with the State of Massachusetts and his contacts with the state are of great value to Ashland’s clients.

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