Meet Judy Groover, Indiana Single State Specialist

Because of the depth of experience of our on-site review team members and our streamlined processes, we can identify millions of dollars of potential tax recoveries for most of our clients in only four days. That is unique in the tax industry.

Founder and Managing Principal

Judy Groover
Indiana Specialist

As a specialist in Indiana corporate tax compliance, Judy Groover utilizes her real-world tax knowledge and over 20 years of experience with the Indiana Department of Revenue to minimize our clients’ Indiana tax liabilities by formulating unique and innovative tax strategies, and by applying little known tax policies gleaned from her years with the Department.

Selected as one of the first Senior Field Auditors after Indiana created their initial nationwide out-of-state audit program, Judy was responsible for conducting audits of Indiana Financial Institutions, Adjusted Gross Income, Sales & Use and Withholding Tax audits of Fortune 500 companies located throughout the United States and Canada.

Judy doesn’t just know the rules: she helped to write them. Each year before the legislature met, Judy provided valuable input, garnered from her extensive broad industry experience, relative to tax laws that needed to be enacted, recodified or deleted. Her effort in modifying the Apportionment Schedule of Interstate Transportation Carriers (E-7) was incorporated in its entirety into a revised form. She was selected as one of only a handful of auditors with comprehensive training in Financial Institutions Tax, both during its initial implementation in 1990, and through its recodification in 2001, to perform Financial Institutions Tax audits.

Judy was selected as one of three Indiana auditors to participate in a five-day IRS seminar entitled “Federal Issues of State Tax auditors”. Approximately 40 auditors from numerous states were selected for this program, where it was Judy’s job to ascertain the most relevant issues as they applied to Indiana tax law and subsequently teach those issues to fellow auditors. Judy was also chosen to participate in concentrated training relative to the application of Federal 482 (arm’s length) adjustments to domestic intercompany transactions.

Judy was designated as the out-of-state representative on a regional committee responsible for revamping all Indiana Information Bulletins and Audit Grams (information disseminated to taxpayers). Her work on this project garnered a commendation from the Tax Commissioner.

Additionally, at the annual out-of-state auditor meetings, Judy was responsible for presenting issues and research deemed valuable during the previous year. She has also accepted speaking engagements for a variety of professional organizations including the Pittsburgh Chapter of Tax Executives Institute (TEI) and the Association of Pennsylvania Out-of-State Auditors (POSTA).

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