Recovery of Interest From the IRS That Would Otherwise Be Forfeited

Complex Interest Services (CIS), an Ashland Company, offers a highly-trained technical team of Complex Interest Examiners who spent many years with the IRS complex interest team in Ogden, Utah. Our knowledge of account analysis and understanding of internal IRS policy, procedures, and interpretations, is a sure way to claim all of the interest that your company can recover. 

Our highly-trained technical team of Complex Interest Examiners know case law, and have a real working knowledge of account analysis which includes an understanding of internal IRS policy and interpretations. Using the same software the IRS currently uses to perform complex interest calculations, our team can work with the IRS computational examiner directly to resolve any issues prior to the final interest determination, which can save you from filing claims.

CIS offers a level of expertise that cannot be found in any other firm.

CIS Services
  • IRS Settlement Services

    We provide a comprehensive account analysis of all federal tax types and tax periods for which records are available from the IRS.

  • Global Interest Netting

    Global Interest Netting can save substantial amounts of interest for your company by determining if there is an under/over payment interest from corporate income, excise tax, or employment tax that can be claimed from the IRS.

  • Account Analysis.

    Retaining CIS to conduct an Account Analysis could allow your company to recover interest from years you had no idea was available to claim by giving you an updated interest calculation of the interest that may be due.

  • Interest Recovery Review

    An Interest Recovery Review will help to ensure that your company is getting the most interest owed to you from the IRS, and our methodology will result in the most favorable outcome for your company in income tax recovery.

We will retrieve transcripts with detailed account information from the IRS for the taxpayer that may go back 20 years or more. We use our combined knowledge to perform a comprehensive account analysis that determines the proper amount of interest your company should have paid or should receive back from the IRS. Once the analysis is completed, we will present our findings in a claim for a refund that is acceptable to the IRS and then we will defend it, should the IRS disagree with the findings.

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